Camp Site in South Island

(CLOSED) Omihi (Kaikoura Coastal Campgrounds)

(CLOSED) Paia Point (Kaikoura Coastal Campgrounds)

(temp closed) Chamberlains Ford Recreation Reserve

(temp closed) Coes Ford

A Frame Hut

A1 Ward Motel and Campground

Abrahams Bay Hunters Hut

Abrahams Bosom Campsite

Acheron Accommodation House Campsite

Ada Pass Hut

Adelaide Tarn Hut

Adventure Bivvy

Ahaura Domain

Ahuriri Base Hut

Ahuriri Bridge Campsite

Ahuriri Motels

Akaroa Freedom Camping Area (SC Only)

Akersten Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Albert Burn Hut

Albert Town Camping Ground 1

Albert Town Camping Ground 2

Alexander Bluff Road Reserve

Alfred Hut

All Day Bay Reserve

Allan's Base Camp

Almer Hut

Amberley Beach Camping Ground North

Amberley Beach Camping Ground South

Amberley Golf Club Car Park

Anapai Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Anatoki Forks Hut

Anatoki Salmon Campground (SC Only)

Anatori Hill Site

Anatori River Site

Anchorage Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Anchorage Hut

Anderson's Hut

Andrew's Campsite (SC Only)

Andrews Shelter Campsite

Andy's Place

Angelus Hut and Campsite

Anne Hut

Ant Stream Bivvy

Ant Stream Hut

Anti Crow Hut

Aorere Shelter Campsite

Aparima Bridge Riverbank

Aparima Forks Hut

Aparima Huts

Apple Tree Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Aramoana Reserve

Arawhata Bridge South

Archie's Hut Copper Creek

Architect Creek Hut

Ardlui Rest Area

Argyle Pond

Army Hut

Arnold Power Station

Arundel Bridge

Asbestos Cottage

Ashburton Golf Club (NZMCA Members Only)

Ashley Picnic Ground

Ashton Hut

Aspiring Hut

Aspiring Hut Campground

Aspiring National Park - By the River

Atawhai Farm

Aussie Bay Campsite

Avalanche Creek Campsite

Avoca Homestead

Avoca Hut

Awa Awa Rata Reserve (SC Only)

Awamoa Beach

Awapoto Hut

Awaroa / Godley Head Campsite

Awaroa Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Awaroa Hut (Boat or Foot Access)

Back Basins Hide

Back Valley Hut

Baikie Hut

Balfour Reserve Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Balfour Tavern and Motel

Ball Hut

Ballarat Hut - Flood Burn

Balloon Hut

Ballroom Overhang Campsite

Balmoral Fire Lookout Area (SC Only)

Balmoral Recreation Reserve Camping Ground

Banfield Hut (CMC)

Bannockburn Domain Camping Ground

Barbers Hut

Bark Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Bark Bay Hut

Barker Hut (CMC)

Barron Saddle Hut

Barrytown, Coastal Site

Basin Creek Hut

Basins Hut

Bay of Many Coves Shelter (Campsite)

Beach Road Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Bealey Hut

Bealey Top Hut

Becketts Hut

Beebys Hut

Beech Hut

Beetham Hut (NZAC)

Begley Hut

Belltown Manunui Hut


Benmore Hut

Benmore Views Family Camp


Big Bay Hut

Big Hellfire Hut

Big Hopwood Burn Hut

Big Hut

Big River Hut

Big Totara River Bridge

Birch Street Car Park (SC Only)

Birchwood Amenity Area

Black Birch Bivvy

Black Gully Domain

Black Hill Hut

Black Hole

Black Rock Campsite

Blackball Overnight Parking

Blackball Recreation Reserve (SC Only)

Bladen Vineyard

Blaketown Quay (SC Only)

Blink Bonnie Rest Area

Blue Lake Hut

Blue Mountain Hut

Blue River (Blowfly) Hut

Blue Skies

Blue Spur Farmstay

Bluff Hut

Blumine Island Campsite (Boat Access only)

Boat Harbour Road Freedom Camping (1 Aug - 30 Nov)

Bob Lee Hut

Bob's Camp Bivvy

Bobs Hut

Boo Boo Hut

Borland Bivvy

Borland Lodge

Bottom Gordon Hut

Bottom Misery Hut

Boulder Forks Hut

Boulder Lake Hut

Boulders Bar and Bistro (Free Camping with Meal

Boundary Creek Campsite

Boundary Creek Hut (Canterbury)

Boundary Creek Hut (Otago)

Boundary Hut

Boundary Hut (Hunter Valley)

Boundary Hut (Kopuwai)

Bowyers Stream (SC Only)

Boyle Campsite

Boyle Flat Hut

Branch Bivvy

Branch Creek Hut

Brass Monkey Bivvy

Brewery Café (POP)

Brewster Hut

Briar's Gully Camp

Brighton Campground - The Rugby Club

Brighton Road Beach Car Park

Brod Bay Campsite (Kepler Track)

Brodrick Hut

Broken River Hut

Brown Campsite

Brown Hut

Brown Hut (Otago)

Browning Hut

Browning Range Bivvy

Browns Community Centre (SC Only)

Browns Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Buckland Peak Hut

Bucklands Crossing (SC Only)

Buicks Bridge Car Park (SC Only)

Bull Creek Hut

Bull Flat Hut

Bull Paddock Creek Hut

Bullendale Hut

Buller Gorge (SC Only)

Buller Riverbank

Bungaree Hut

Burn Creek Hut

Bush Hut

Bushline Hut

Bushside Retreats

Bushveldt - Rustic Cabins

Buster Hut

Butchers Flat Campsite

Butler Junction Hut

Butler's Berry Farm and Cafe

Buxton Square Car Park (SC Only)

Camden Cookshop

Cameron Flat Campsite

Cameron Hut (Canterbury)

Cameron Hut (Wanaka)

Camerons Hut

Camp Bay (Boat or Foot Access only)

Camp Creek Hut

Camp Iona (Apr-Oct)

Camp Road Valley View

Camp Stream Hut

Campbell Bivvy

Canaan Downs

Canaan Downs Campsite

Candlesticks Bivvy

Cannibal Cove Campsite (Boat Access Only)

Cannibal Gorge Hut

Canyon Creek Bivvy

Canyon Creek Campsite (Walk-in)

Captains Creek Hut

Careys Bay Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Careys Hut

Carlyle Hut

Carney's Bivvy No.1 and No.2

Caroline Bay

Caroline Creek Bivvy

Caroline Hut

Caroline Hut (Fiordland)

Carrington Hut

Carroll Hut

Cascade Creek Campsite

Cass Saddle Hut

Cassel Flat Hut

Castle Rock Hut

Castle Rocks Hut

Caswell Sound Hut (Boat Access)

Catons Bay

Cavalier Hunters Hut

Caves Hut

Cecil Kings Hut

Cedar Flat Hut

Cedar Flat Hut (Historic)

Centennial Hut (NZAC)


Ces Clark Hut

Chaffey Hut

Champagne Gully Boat Ramp

Chancellor Hut

Charles Stewart Bridge (SC Only)

Charlie's Hut

Charteris Bay Road Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Chateau Franz Van Parking

Chatto Creek Tavern

Cheviot Downs Hut

Cheviot Hotel

Cheviot Rest Area (8pm-8am 2 Spots)

Chimney Creek Hut

Chinamans Bluff (SC Only)

Chisholm Crescent Parking

Christmas Flat Hut

Christmas Village Hunters Hut

Christmas Village Hut

Christopher (Ada) Cullers Hut

Christopher Hut

Chrystalls Beach

Clarence Reserve Roadside Stop

Clark Hut - A Frame

Clark Hut - Historic

Clarke Flat Campsite (May-Sep)

Clent Hills Station Accommodation

Clifden Suspension Bridge Freedom Camping (DOC)

Clinton Hut (Great Walk)

CLOSED - Meiklejohns Bay

CLOSED-Boat Harbour (Kaikoura Coastal Campgrounds)

Clutha Valley Community Centre

Clydevale Picnic Area

Coast Road Holiday Park

Cobb Hostel (Oct-May)

Cobb Hut

Cobb Ridge Shelter

Cobb River Campsite 1

Cobb River Campsite 2

Cobb Tent Camp (Historic)

Cobden Aromahana Lagoon (SC Only)

Cobden Bridge Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Colac Bay Freedom Camping

Cold Stream Hut

Coldwater Hut

Coldwater Stream Campsite

Colin Todd Hut (NZAC)

Combined Services Club Twizel

Comyns Hut

Cone Creek Hut

Conns Creek Car Park (SC Only)

Conway River Rest Area (SC Only)

Cookies Hut

Coopers Creek Car Park and Tracks

Copland Shelter

Coppermine Creek Hut

Coquille Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Cotters Hut

County Stream Hut

Courthouse Flat Campsite

Cowshed Bay Campsite

Cowshed Hut

Craigburn (SC)

Crawford Junction Hut

Creswicke Flat Hut

Croesus Top Hut

Cromel Base Hut

Cromel Branch Hut

Cromwell Town and Country Club

Crooked Spur Hut

Crow Hut

Crow Hut (Arthur's Pass)

Crow's Nest Accommodation

Crown Range Summit (SC)

Croydon Bush Car Park

Crystal Bivvy

Crystal Hut

Cullers Hut

Culverden Hotel

Cupola Hut

Curtis Memorial Hut

Cust Domain

Cuthberts Green (SC Only)

D'urville Hut

Daisy Lee Hut

Daleys Flat Hut

Damfam Vineyard (POP)

Danseys Pass Campsite

Dart Hut

Dart Hut - Rustic Cabins

Dart River Beach (S.C.)

Dasler Biv

Davies Bay Campsite

Deas Cove Hut (Boat Access)

Decks Reserve Car Park

Deep Creek Hut

Deer Flat Campsite

Deer Valley Campsite

Demon Trail Hut

Denniston Car Park (SC Only)

Denniston Scenic Reserve

Devils Creek Hut

Devils Den Bivvy

Diamond Harbour Car Park

Diamond Lake Campsite

Dickie Spur Hut

Dillon Hut

Dillons Homestead Hut

Dipton Freedom Camping

Dobson Hall (SC Only)

Dodger Hut

Dog Kennel Bivvy

Dolans Hut - Rustic Cabins

Donegal House Campervan Park

Double Hut

Doubtful Hut

Doubtful Valley Rest Area

Doubtless Hut

Doughboy Bay Hut

Douglas Rock Hut

Downies Hut

Dromore Rest Area

Dubious Bivvy

Duffers Power Station

Dumpling Hut (Great Walk)

Dunback Domain Camping Ground

Dunns Creek Hut

Dunsdale Recreation Reserve

Dunstan Downs High Country Sheep Station

Dynamo Hut

Dynamo Red Hut (Historic)

Eade Memorial Hut (NZDA)

Ealing Rest Area

Earnslaw Burn (SC Only)

Earnslaw Hut

East Hawdon Bivvy

East Matakitaki Hut

East Ruggedy Hut

Eden Street Car Park (SC Only) Paid 10am-5.30pm

Edendale Domain (SC Only)

Edwards Hut

Edwards Stream (SC Only)

Eel Creek Hut (Boat Access)

Elaine Bay Campsite

Elcho Hut (NZAC)

Elizabeth Hut

Ellangowan Scenic Reserve (SC Only)

Ellis Hut

Elterwater Reserve

Emerald Cove Lookout (SC)

Empress Hut

Erceg Hut

Esk Bivvy

Esplanade Car Park (SC Only)

Esquilant Bivvy Hut (NZAC)

Evangaline Bivvy

Evans Hut (NZDA)

Explorer Hut

Fairlie Golf Club Car Park

Falstone Reserve Campsite

Fanghill Hut

Fenella Hut

Ferguson Hut

Fern Burn Hut

Ferndale Campsite (Boat Only)

Fernside Memorial Hall

Fiddler's Green Vineyard-Bistro

Fidgit Bivvy

Fish Hut

Fisherman's Bend Reserve Camp

Fishing Point Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Fishtail Hut

Fittal Street Freedom Camping

Fitzwilliam Hut

Flanagans Hut

Flora Car Park

Flora Hut

Forbes Bivvy

Forbes Hut (Hawea)

Forbes Hut (Seymour Hut)

Forks Hut

Formerly The Blackball Hilton

Fosters Hut

Fowlers Camp

Fox Glacier Inn and Pod Hostel

Fox River (SC Only)

Freds Camp Hut

Freeman Burn Hut

French Pass Campsite

French Ridge Hut (NZAC)

Freshwater Hut

Frew Hut

Frew Saddle Bivvy

Frisco Hut

Gabriel Hut

Gabriels Gully (SC Only)

Galletlys Road, St Andrews

Garden of Eden - Rustic Cabins

Gemmells Crossing

Gentle Annie Seaside Camping Ground & Accomm

George King Memorial Drive (SC Only)

George Lyon Hut (Ella Hut)

George Sound Hut

Gerhardt Spur Bivvy

Ghost Lake Hut

Gillespies Beach Campsite

Glacier Burn Car Park (SC Only)

Gladstone Park

Glaisnock Hut (Boat Access)

Glenavy Rest Area

Glencoe Scenic Reserve

Glenfinnan Stream (SC)

Glenmark Domain

Glenrae Bivvy

Glenrae Hut

Glentui Picnic Area and Tracks

Goat Creek Hut

Goat Pass Hut

Godley Hut (NZAC)

Golden Caves Bed and Breakfast

Goldsborough Campsite

Goose Flat Hut

Gore A&P Showgrounds

Gore Town and Country Club

Gorge River Hut

Gosling Hut

Gouland Downs Campsite

Gouland Downs Hut

Government Track Car Park

Granity Pass Hut

Grassy Flat Hut

Green Lake Hut

Green Point Hut

Greenstone Hut

Greenstone Retreat

Greenstone River Car Park (SC Only 5pm-9am)

Greenstone Saddle Campsite (tent only)

Greigs Hut

Greta Valley Camping Ground

Grey Ridge Vineyard

Greys Hut

Griffin Creek Hut

Grough Hut

Growler Hut

Groyne Two (SC Only)

Gunn's Camp

Gunn's Camp Hollyford Valley Shop and Museum

Gunns Bush Camp

Hacket Hut

Hagens Hut

Hakatere Camp Site (managed by Ashburton County)

Haldon Arm Camping Ground

Halfway Hut

Hall Arm Campsite (Boat Access)

Hamilton Hut

Hanging Rock Bridge

Hanmer Springs Amenity Area

Hanmer Springs Forest Camp

Hanmer Springs River Reserve (8pm-8am)

Hans Bay - Lake Kaniere Campsite

Hapuatuna Hunters Hut

Hapuku Hut

Harman Hut

Harper Pass Bivvy

Harper River Campsite

Harvey Bay Campsite

Harwood Reserve

Hauroko Burn Hut

Hawarden Domain (2 sites 8pm-8am)

Hawdon Hut

Hawdon Shelter Campsite

Hawkes Lookout Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Haycocks Bivvy

Hayes Engineering Works (History and Cafe)

Healey Creek Hut

Heaphy Hut / Campsite

Heather Jock Hut

Hector Day Use Area and SC Overnight

Helicopter Flat Hut

Henderson Park

Henry Creek Campsite

Heriot Community Centre

Hidden Falls Hut

Hidden Hut

Hideaway Hut

Highland Creek Hut

Hill View Campsite

Hillend Community Hall

Hilltop Tavern

Hinds Domain

Hinds River Scenic Reserve

Historic Empire Hotel Campground

Historic Hurunui Hotel

Historic Monument (SC Only)

Hokuri Hut

Holyoake's Shelter

Home Hill Hut

Homer Hut (NZAC)

Homestead Campsite

Homestead Hunters Hut

Hooker Hut

Hoopers Inlet Freedom Camping

Hope Arm Hut

Hope Bridge Rest Area

Hope Halfway Hut

Hope Kiwi Lodge

Hope Saddle Rest Area

Hopeless Hut

Horace Walker Hut

Hornby Bivvy

Horseshoe Flat Hut

Hundalee Roadside Stop (SC Only)

Hunters Hut

Hunters Hut (Harihari)

Hunts Creek Hut

Hurricane Hut

Hurunui Council Parking (5 Spots 8pm-8am only)

Hurunui Hut

Hurunui No. 3 Hut

Hurunui River Mouth

Hurunui River Rest Area

Hut Creek Hut

Huxley Forks Hut

Hyde Car Park (Otago Central Rail Trail)

Ida Railway Hut

Inchbonnie Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Iris Burn Hut and Campsite (Kepler Track)

Irthing Hut

Irthing Picnic Area

Isel Park Main Road Stoke (SC Only 3 Spots)

Island Gully Hut

Island Park Reserve (SC Only)

Islands Hut

Isthmus Peak Car Park (SC)

Iveagh Bay (SC Only)

Ivory Lake Hut

Jack's Gasthof - Little Totara River

Jacko Flat Hut

Jackson Bay Freedom Camping

Jackson River Freedom Camping

Jacksons Inlet (SC Only)

Jacobs Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Jam Hut

James Mackay Hut

Jervois Hut

Jim's Flat Hut

Jimmy Armers Beach (6 SC Spots)

John Reid Hut

John Tait Hut

Johnson Hut

Jollie Brook Car Park

Jollie Hut

Jolliebrook Hut

Jubilee Hut

Julia Hut

Julia Hut (Old)

Junction Burn Hut (Boat Access)

Junction Hut

Kahurangi Keepers' House

Kahutara Bivvy

Kaipo Hut

Kaiwera Hall

Kakahu Rest Area

Kakapo Hut

Karamea Bend Hut

Karitane Foreshore (SC Only)

Karitane Hall Car Park (SC Only)

Karoro Domain (SC Only)

Katiki Beach North Reserve Rest Stop

Katipo Creek Shelter Campsite

Kauauroa Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Kawarau Historic Bridge Car Park (SC Only)

Kawatiri Beach Reserve (SC Only)

Kawatiri Campsite

Kawhaka Intake

Kay Creek Hut

Kellys Hunters Hut

Kelman Hut

Kenepuru Head Campsite

Kennedy Memorial Hut

Kerin Forks Hut

Kerr Bay Campsite

Kidds Bush Reserve Campsite

Kilbride Homestead

Kina Beach Reserve

Kings Creek Hut

Kingston Lake Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Kinloch Campsite

Kintail Hut

Kinzett Terrace Car Park (SC Only 4 Spots)

Kiosk Creek Campsite

Kirtle Burn Hut

Kirwans Hut

Kiwi Burn Hut

Kiwi Flat Hut

Kiwi Hut (Arthur's Pass)

Kiwi Saddle Hut

KiwiCamp Riverlands Blenheim

Klondyke Corner Campsite

Knobs Flat Accommodation

Kohaihai Campsite

Kohanga Atawhai - Manson Nicholls Hut

Koiterangi Settlers Hall

Koropuku Hut

Kowai Pass Reserve

Kowai River Reserve (SC Only)

Kowhai Flat

Kowhai Hut

Kowhai Point Campsite

Kumara Car Park (SC Only)

Kumara Power Station

Kumutoto Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Lagoon Saddle A Frame Hut

Lagoon Saddle Hut

Lake Alabaster Hut

Lake Alexander Hut

Lake Alexandrina 1

Lake Alexandrina 2

Lake Brunner Lodge

Lake Camp 1

Lake Camp 2

Lake Chalice Hut

Lake Christabel Hut

Lake Clearwater Lookout (SC Only)

Lake Clearwater Reserve

Lake Ellery Car Park

Lake Emma Car Park (SC Only)

Lake Guyon Hut

Lake Hankinson Hut

Lake Hawea Golf Club

Lake Heron Campground

Lake Heron Car Park (SC Only)

Lake Ianthe Matahi Campsite

Lake Mackenzie Campsite

Lake Mackenzie Hut

Lake Mahinapua Campsite

Lake Man Bivvy

Lake Matiri Hut

Lake McGregor

Lake McRae Hut

Lake Middleton Campsite

Lake Morgan Hut

Lake Ohau - Southeast Shore

Lake Ohau Bush Camp

Lake Ohau Freedom Camping 1 (SC Only)

Lake Ohau Freedom Camping 2 (SC Only)

Lake Opuha - Bennetts Road (SC Only)

Lake Opuha - Hays Road (SC Only)

Lake Opuha - Opuha Gorge Road (SC Only)

Lake Paringa Campsite

Lake Peel Track Car Park

Lake Poaka Campsite

Lake Poteriteri Hut

Lake Pukaki (SC Only)

Lake Pukaki - Hayman Road 1 (SC Only)

Lake Pukaki - Hayman Road 2 (SC Only)

Lake Pukaki - Hayman Road 3 (SC Only)

Lake Pukaki Freedom Camping 1 (SC Only)

Lake Pukaki Roadside Stop

Lake Roe Hut

Lake Rotoroa Campsite

Lake Ruataniwha West End (SC Only)

Lake Stream Hut

Lake Sylvan Campsite

Lake Taylor Campsite

Lake Tennyson Campsite

Lake Thomson Hut

Lake Wanaka Turn Off (SC)

Lake Wardell Camping

Lakehead Hut and Camping

Lame Duck Hut

Langer Lodge / Panama Reserve Hut

Larrikin Creek Hut

Lauder Basin Hut

Lauder Station (SC Only)

Lawrence Bivvy

Lawrence Hut

Leader River Bridge (SC Only)

Leaning Rock Cherries

Lees Creek Hut

Leithen Picnic Area (SC Only)

Leithfield Reserve (SC Only)

Lewis Hut

Liebig Hut

Lignite Pit Cafe and Secret Garden

Limehills Freedom Camping

Limestone Hut

Lincoln Hut

Lindis Pass Historic Hotel Campsite

Little Akaloa Campground (former Wilderness Camp)

Little Boundary Hut

Little Glory Hunters Hut

Little Hellfire Hunters Hut and Campsite

Little Nook Under Bridge

Little Stony Creek (SC)

Little Wanganui River Mouth

Liverpool Hut

Loburn Domain

Loch Katrine Campsite

Loch Laird Camp

Loch Maree Hut

Lochinvar Hut

Locke Stream Hut

Lonely Lake Hut

Long Beach Recreation Reserve

Long Harry Hut

Lost Stream Bivvy

Louper Bivvy

Lowburn Campsite (SC only)

Lower Arahura Hut

Lower Goulter Hut

Lower Lodge

Lower Olderog Bivvy

Lower Princhester Hut

Lower Salmon Creek Bivvy

Lower Wairaki Hut

Lower Windley Hut

Luca's Beach Unoffical Camp

Lucky Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Lucky Beach Campsite (Boat/Hike in only)

Lucretia Hut

Luggate Cricket Club Camping Ground

Lumsden Freedom Camping

Luxmore Hut (Kepler Track)

Lyell Campsite

Lyell Hut (CMC)

Lyell Saddle Hut

Lyford Roadside Stop (SC Only)

Lyttleton Harbour / Whakaraup Boat Launch

Macaulay Hut

Macetown Camp (4WD Only)

Mackay Creek Campsite

Mackenzie Bivvy

Mackenzie Hut

Maclennan Hut

Madsens Camp

Magdalen Hut

Mahinerangi Bridge

Maitai Cricket Ground Car Park (SC Only 2 Spots)

Maitland Hut

Makarora Country Cafe

Makarora Hut

Maling Pass Car Park

Mandeville Freedom Camping

Mangarakau Lodge

Mansion Hut

Manuka Hut

Maori Beach Campsite

Maori Saddle Hut

Marble Hill Campsite

Marble Hills Retreat

Marfells Beach Campsite

Maria Andrews Park

Marine Parade Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Marlow Park (SC Only)

Martin's Hut

Martins Bay Hut

Martins Creek Hunters Hut

Maruia Falls Car Park (SC Only)

Maruia Hot Springs

Maruia Motels

Mason Bay Hut

Masonic Hotel (CLOSED)

Matai Bay Hut (Boat Only)

Mataketake Hut

Matanaka Beach (SC Only)

Mathias Hut (NZDA)

Mavora Lakes Campsite

Mayfield Domain

McConchies Hut

McCoy Hut

McGregor Park (SC Only)

McIntosh Hut

McIntyre Hut

McKee Memorial Reserve

McKellar Hut

McKerrow Island Hut

McLean Park (SC Only)

McLeans Recreation Area

McMillan Road (SC Only)

Meadow Hut

Meg Hut

Merriview Hut

Methven Domain

Mid Caples Hut

Mid Goulter Hut

Mid Greenstone Hut (NZDA)

Mid Robinson Hut

Mid Silverstream Hut

Mid Styx Hut

Mid Taipo Hut

Mid Trent Hut

Mid Wairoa Hut

Middle Gorge Hut

Middle Head Hut

Middle Katiki Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Middy Creek Hut

Mikonui Flat Hut

Mikonui Spur Bivvy

Milford Lagoon

Mill Arm Campsite (Boat Only)

Mill Flat Campsite

Millers Flat Tavern

Milligan Park Freedom Camping

Millton Memorial Park

Milltown Road (SC Only)

Milton Rest Area

Minchin Bivvy

Miners Camp

Mingha Bivvy

Ministry of Works Historic Hut

Mintaro Hut (2021)

Mintaro Hut (CLOSED)

Mistake Flat Hut

Mistletoe Bay Eco Village

Mistletoe Flats (Craigieburn Shelter) Campsite

Moa Stream Hut

Moana Rua/Lake Pearson Campsite

Moawhitu Campsite

Moetapu Bay Campsite

Moke Lake Campsite

Mokihinui Domain Campground

Mokihinui Forks Hut

Mole Hut

Molesworth Cob Cottage

Momorangi Bay Campsite

Monkey Island Picnic Area and Campsite

Monowai Campsite

Monowai Hut

Montgomerie Hut

Montgomery Square Car Park (SC Only)

Monument Hut

Monument Hut (Christchurch)

Moonbeam Hut

Moonlight and Roses Hut

Moonlight Hall (SC Only)

Moonlight Tops Hut

Moonlight Track Car Park (SC Only)

Moray Terrace Reserve

Morgan Hut

Morven Domain Camp

Mosquito Bay Campsite (Boat Access Only)

Motueka Beach Reserve (SC Only)

Motueka Quiet Spot (SC Only)

Motunau Beach Camping Ground

Motupipi Car Park (SC Only)

Motupipi Park

Moturau Hut (Kepler Track)

Mount Fyffe Hut

Mount Misery Hut

Mount Somers Domain Camping Ground

Mountains Edge Cabins

Moutere Inn

Mrs Woollys Campground

Mt Arthur Hut

Mt Bee Bunkrooms

Mt Brown Hut

Mt Fell Hut

Mt Fyffe Car Park and Hinau Track

Mt Herbert Shelter

Mt Nimrod Scenic Reserve

Mt Rintoul Hut

Mt Stuart Tunnel Car Park (SC Only)

Mt Sunday Bivvy

Mt Sunday Car Park (SC Only)

Mt White Bridge

Muddy Creek Car Park (S.C.)

Mudflats Hut

Mueller Hut

Mullins Hut

Mungo Hut

Murphy's Bivvy

Murray Adrian Hut

Murray Hunters Hut and Campsite

Mutton Cove Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Myttons Hut


Nardoo Hut

Neave Hut

Nelson Creek

New World Car Park (SC Only)

Newton Creek Hut

Newton Range Bivvy

Ngakawau Hall

Ngaruru Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Ngatimoti Roadside Stop (SC Only)

Nicholsons Hut

Nikau Cove Campsite

Nikau Whare Campground

Nina Hut

Nolans Hut

North Arm Campsite

North Beach Life Saving Club (Weekdays Only)

North Big Glory Hunters Hut

North Borland Hut

North Pegasus Hunters Hut

North Tikotatahi Hunters Hut

Nox Hut - Rustic Cabins

Nydia Bay Campsite

NZMCA Only (The Honest Lawyer Country Pub)

NZMCA Only Campground

NZMCA Only Campground

NZMCA Only Campground (Lumsden)

NZMCA Only Campground (Murchison P.O.P.)

NZMCA Only Campground (Westport North Beach)

O'Neill's Reserve

Observation Beach Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Ocean Beach Access, Picnic & Campervan Park

Ocean View Holiday Park

Ocean View Recreation Reserve

Oceanview Eco Motor Park

Ohau B Canal Park (NZMCA Only)

Ohau C Camp - North

Ohau C Camp - South

Ohoka Domain Freedom Camping

Okains Bay Camping Ground

Okarito Campground

Okuku Reserve

Old Basins Hut

Old Bones Lodge

Old Fox River Bridge

Old Man Hut

Old Woman Hut

Olivine Hut

Omaka Bivvy

Omakau Bridge Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Omakau Commercial Hotel (POP)

Omakau Station (SC Only)

Omarama Airfield Camping Ground

Onamalutu Campsite

Onetahuti Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Onslow Hut / Steffan Hut (NZDA)

Onuku Farm Hostel and Campground

Opouri Saddle (SC Only)

Orari Gorge Campsite

Orari River Mouth

Orepuki Tavern

Oreti Hut

Orton Bradley Park

Otago Yacht Club (SC Only)

Otaio Gorge Campsite

Otamahua Hut

Otamatapaio Hut

Otautau Arboretum

Otautau Pool Freedom Camping

Otehake Hut

Otematata Boat Harbour Reserve

Otira Stagecoach Hotel Freedom Camp

Otto/MacDonalds Campsite

Outram Reserve (SC Only)

Owaka Freedom Camping Site (8 Spots)

Owaka Heads Picnic Area (SC Only Oct-Mar)

Owen Junction Rest Area

Owen River Tavern and Motel

Owen Stalker Park

Packhorse Hut

Paines Ford's Hangdog Camp -The Rock Climbers

Pakituhi Hut

Palmer Bivvy

Palmer Hut

Palmer Lodge (NZDA)

Palmerston Bond Street Parking Lot

Papatowai Campsite

Paringa Salmon Farm and Café

Park Morpeth Hut (CMC)

Parsons Rock Reserve Campsite

Paske Hut

Patiti Point

Pear Tree Flat

Pearson Hut

Pell Stream Hut

Pelorus Bridge Campsite

Penguin Bay Campsite (Boat only)

Penk Hut

Perry Saddle Campsite

Perry Saddle Hut

Peter Johnstone Park (SC Only)

Pfeifer Bivvy

Philip J Cox Memorial Hut

Piano Flat Campsite

Picnic Bay Campsite

Pigeon Bay Camping Ground

Pigeon Bay Roadside Stop (SC Only)

Pinchgut Hut

Pinders Pond

Pinnacle Bivvy

Pinnacles Hut

Pioneer Hut (NZAC)

Pioneer Park Campsite

Pipi Beach Campsite (Boat Only)

Plateau Hut

Pleasant Flat Campsite

Pleasant Point Domain Motor Camp (Oct-Apr)

Poet Hut

Pohowera (15 SC Spots, Mar - 14th Aug Only)

Polluck Creek Hut

Pomahaka (SC)

Pool Hut

Poor Pete's Hut

Pororari Hut

Port Adventure Hunters Hut

Port Craig School Hut

Port William Campsite

Port William Hut / Potirepo

Porters Creek Hut

Porters Lodge

Potts Hut

Potts River Car Park and Tracks

Poulter Bivvy

Poulter Hut

Prebbleton Tavern

Price Basin Hut

Price Flat Hut

Price Flat Hut (Historic)

Prices Creek Tunnel

Prydes - Rustic Cabins

Public/Cinema Car Park Westport (SC Only)

Puddle Alley (SC Only)

Puhi Puhi Campsite

Pukekura Lodge Campground

Pukerangi Station

Puketeraki Bivvy

Purakaunui Bay Campsite

Purakaunui Reserve (SC Only)

Purton's Cafe and Bar

Putanui Point Campsite (Boat Only)

Quailburn Campsite

Queen Elizabeth II Drive Garden

Rabbitter's Hut

Raincliff Scout Camp

Rakaia Domain

Rakaia Gorge Campground

Rakaia Huts Campground

Rakaia River / Wolseley Road Freedom Camping

Rakeahua Hut

Ranger Bivvy

Ranui Van Parking

Rapid Creek Hut

Rarakau Car Park (Hump Ridge Track)

Rarangi Campsite

Raspberry Creek Car Park (SC)

Rata Hill Motor Caravan Park

Ratimera Bay Campsite (Boat Access Only)

Raupo Berm (SC Only)

Reardon Hut

Red Bridge Camping Site (SC)

Red Hills Hut

Red Hut

Red Stag Hut (NZDA)

Red Stag Lodge (NZDA)

Redcliff Hut

Reischek Hut (NZDA)

Renwick Domain Car Park (10 Spots)

Richmond Saddle Hut

Riordans Hut

River Camp

River Road SH1 Bridge (SC Only)

River Rock Estate

Riverlands Roadhouse

Riversdale Freedom Camping

Roadside Attraction (SC)

Roaring Billy Hut

Roaring Lion Hut

Robin Hood Bay Campsite

Robinsons Bay Rest Area (SC Only)

Rock and Pillar Roadside Stop (SC Only)

Rocks Hut

Rocky Creek Hut

Rod Donald Hut

Rodger Inlet Historic Hut

Rodger Inlet Hut

Roebuck Hut

Rokeby Hut

Roses Hut

Ross Recreation Reserve

Rotherham Hotel

Round Bush Campsite

Round Bush Reserve

Routeburn Falls Hut

Routeburn Flats Campsite (Great Walk)

Routeburn Flats Hut (Great Walk)

Royal Hut

Royal Mail Hotel (Woodstock Hotel)

Ruapuna Domain

Rum Curries Camping Area (Tents Only)

Rustic Country Hotel

Rutherford Railway Reserve 2 Spots 8pm-8am

Rutherford Railway Reserve Parking 2 (2 Spots 8pm)

Sabine Hut

Sailors Cutting Campsite and Boat Ramp

Salisbury Lodge (DOC)

Saltwater Creek

Sandfly Bay Wildlife Refuge Car Park

Sawyer Burn Hut

Saxon Campsite

Saxon Hut

Saxton Hut

Scamper Torrent Hut

Scarborough Street Reserve (20 SC Spots)

Scargill Motunau Reserve (10 Spots)

Schoolhouse Bay Campsite

Scone Hut

Scotties Hut

Scotts Beach Campsite

Scottys Bivvy

Scrubby Hut

Seddonville Hotel

Sedgemere Sleepout DOC Hut

Sefton Bivouac

Serpentine Hut

Severn Hut

Shag Point Rest Area

Shallow Bay Hut

Shamrock Hut

Sharplin Falls Picnic and Car Park

Sheffield Hotel

Shelter Rock Hut

Shepherd Creek Hut

Shingle Beach Westport (SC Only)

Siberia Flat Campsite

Siberia Hut

Siberia Hut (Leatham)

Silver Stream Horses

Silverstream Bivvy

Sinclair Wetlands

Sir Robert Hut

Sisters Swingbridge Car Park

Skippers Campsite (4WD Only)

Slab Hut Creek Campsite

Slaty Creek Hut

Slaty Hut

Slaughterburn Hut

Slip Flat Hut

Slope Point Freedom Camping

Smails Beach (SC Only)

Smoky Hunters Hut and Campsite

Smyth Hut

Snowgrass Hut

Snowy Gorge Hut

Soper Shelter

South Arm Campsite (Boat Only)

South Arm Campsite (Lake Manapouri)

South Big Glory Campsite

South Huxley Bivvy

South Island National Equestrian Centre

South Opuha Hut

South Pegasus Hunters Hut

South Rakaia Huts Casual Campground

South Temple Hut

Southbrook Park

Southend Railway Station Car Park (6 SC Spots)

Southern Venues Farmstay

Speargrass Hut

Specimen Point Hut

Speechleys Bridge Rest Area

Spence Hut

Splugeons Rock Shelter

Spreydon Domain Parking

Spurs Hut

St Bathans Domain Campsite

St Jacob's Hut

St James Homestead

St Leonards Parking (SC Only)

St Winifreds Hut (CMC)

Stafford Hut

Stag Flat Shelter

Stan's Hut

Stanley Vale Hut

Starveall Hut

Steele Creek Hut

Stern Valley Hut

Steyning Hut

Stocks Reserve (2 Spots)

Stodys Hut

Stone Hut

Stone Hut (Kahurangi)

Stoney Creek Hut

Stony Stream Bivvy

Stour Bridge

Straight 8 Estate

Sudden Valley Bivvy

Sumner Beach Freedom Camping

Sunnyvale Park (SC Only)

Supper Cove Hut

Sutton Salt Lake Car Park (SC Only)

Sylvester Hut

Taieri Mouth Road 1 (SC Only)

Taieri Mouth Road 2 (SC Only)

Taieri Mouth Road 3 (SC Only)

Taieri Mouth Road 4 (SC Only)

Taieri Mouth Road 5 (SC Only)

Taieri Mouth Road 6 (SC Only)

Taieri River Campsite

Tailings Hut

Taipo Hut (Kahurangi)

Taipo Hut (Mavora)

Tapanui Domain

Tararua Hut

Tarn Hut

Tarn Hut (Canterbury)

Tasman Golf Club - Upper Car Park Only

Tasman Saddle Hut

Taupata Gravel Reserve (Seasonal 1 Oct - 31 March)

Tautuku Hut

Tawa Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Tawanui Campsite

Taylor Dam Reserve (SC Only 10 Spots)

Taylor's Stream Scenic Reserve

Te Akatarawa Reserve Camp

Te Moana Gorge Camp 1

Te Moana Gorge Camp 2

Te Moana Gorge Camp 3

Te Oneroa A-frame Hut (Boat Access)

Te Pukatea Bay Campsite Boat or Foot Access)

Teal Bay Hut

Teetotal Campsite

Teetotal Car Park (SC Only)

Telford Hut

Temple Campsite

Ten Mile Creek

Terako Downs

Teschemakers Resort

The Big Cottage - Rustic Cabins

The Boiler Room - Rustic Cabins

The Crow Tavern

The Gut Hut (Boat Access)

The Junction Honey Cafe

The Larches Cardrona (SC)

The Log Cottage (Jess Land Equestrian)

The Old School - Rustic Cabins

The Old School Cafe (POP)

The Pines Tavern

The Point Bed and Breakfast

The Quarters Vineyard

The Queen Charlotte Tavern

The Retreat

The Staging Post

The Store Kekerengu Beach

The Strand (SC Only)

The Wakefield Hotel

The Wisp Picnic Area

Thicket Burn Campsite

Thicket Burn Hut (NZDA)

Thomas Burns Street Car Park (SC Only)

Thomas River Hut

Thor Hut

Thornbury - Aparima Bridge West Freedom Camping

Three Mile Stream Hut

Timaru Creek (SC)

Timaru Golf Club Car Park

Timber Yard Point Lakeside Domain

Tinline Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Tiraumea Hut

Tiroiti Rail Trail

Titirangi Farm Campsite

Toaroha Saddle Bivvy

Tokanui Tavern

Toko Mouth Domain

Top Butler Hut

Top Crawford Hut

Top Crooked Hut

Top Dingle Hut

Top Gordon Hut

Top Hope Hut

Top Hut

Top Hut (Ahuriri)

Top Hut (Canterbury)

Top Kokatahi Hut

Top Leatham Hut

Top Misery Hut

Top Olderog Bivvy

Top Robinson Hut

Top Timaru Hut

Top Toaroha Hut

Top Trent (Lagoon) Hut

Top Tuke Hut

Top Wairoa Hut

Top Waitaha Hut

Top Waitahu Bivvy

Torrent Bay Village Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Totara Campsite

Totaranui Campsite

Town Oval Car Park (SC Only)

Townsend Hut

Trappers Rest (Paul Sinclair)

Treetops Walkway and Cafe Freedom Camping

Trevor Carter Hut

Tribulation Hut

Trilobite Hut

Trotters Gorge Campsite

Trotters Gorge Hut

Trust / Poulter Hut

Tuahiwi Reserve

Tuapeka Mouth Ferry (The Punt)

Tulloch Park

Tumu Toka CurioScape Campground

Tunnel Beach Car Park

Tunnel Creek Hut

Turkeys Nest Bivvy

Turnbull Bivvy

Turnbull's (Big Dam) Hut

Tutaekuri Hut

Tutu Hut

Twelve Mile Delta Campsite

Twenty-Five Mile Creek (SC Only)

Two Mile Hut

Unity Park Lookout (SC Only)

Unknown Stream Hut

Upper Caples Hut (NZDA)

Upper Cromel Hut

Upper D'Urville Hut

Upper Deception Hut

Upper Eglinton Campsite

Upper Gridiron Hut / Rock Shelter

Upper Lodge

Upper Lords Hunters Hut

Upper Nina Bivvy

Upper Orari River Bridge

Upper Oreti Hut

Upper Princhester Hut

Upper South Branch Hurunui Hut

Upper Spey Hut

Upper Travers Hut

Upper Wairaki Hut

Upper Windley Hut

Urquhart's Hut

Uruwhenua Reserve

Valhalla Stream

Veil Biv (NZDA)

Venus Hut

View Hill Car Park and Tracks

View Hill Domain

W F Moss Scenic Reserve (SC Only)

Wai-iti Domain (Closed in Winter)

Waiau Bridge (SC Only)

Waiau Historic Bridge Rest Area (SC Only)

Waiau Hut

Waiau River Estate

Waihao Box

Waiharakeke Bay Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Waihi Gorge Campsite

Waihora Park Domain Campground

Waikaia Recreation Centre

Waikari Reserve Camping Ground

Waikawa Recreation Reserve

Waikiti Hut

Waikouaiti Beach (SC Only)

Waikouaiti River Rest Area (SC Only)

Waikouaiti Sportsground (SC Only)

Waimakariri Falls Hut (CMC)

Waimakariri Gorge Golf Club Car Park

Waimakariri River North Bank (SC Only)

Waimakariri River South Bank (SC Only)

Waimakariri Valley

Waimaru Campsite

Waingaro Forks Hut

Wainui Hut

Waiona Bay Campsite

Waiora Scout Camp

Waipiata Domain and Camping Area

Waipohatu (More Privacy)

Waipohatu Picnic Area (SC Only)

Waipori Falls Picnic Area 1

Waipori Falls Picnic Area 2

Wairau Diversion Mouth (SC Only)

Wairaurahiri Hut

Waitangi Reserve Camp

Waitohi Bush

Waitohi Reserve Camp Ground

Waitutu Hut

Waiuta Lodge

Wakanui Beach

Wakapuaka Reserve Car Park (SC Only 3 Spots)

Wakatu Square Car Park (SC Only)

Walker Creek Campsite

Walter Peak Campsite (Tents Only)

Walton Park (SC Only)

Wanaka Faces Hut (Boat Access)

Wangaloa Domain

War Memorial Hall Car Park (2 Spots)

Warden Hut

Warepa Hall

Warrington Domain

Warwickz Farm

Watchdog Hut

Watering Cove Campsite (Boat or Foot Access)

Watson's Way Lodge

Wedderburn Station (SC Only)

Weka Burnet Bivvy

Welcome Flat Hut

West Arm Hut

West Bay Campsite - Buller (Summer Only)

West Bay Campsite - Jetty (Summer Only)

West Burn Hut

West End Car Park (10 SC Spots)

West Harbour Rec Car Park (SC Only)

West Harper Hut

West Mathias Bivvy

West Oxford Reserve

West Ruggedy Beach Campsite

West Sabine Hut

Westies Hut

Westland Recreation Centre (SC Only)

Westside of Clyde Dam

Whare Creek Hut

Whareatea (Fairdown) Beach

Wharehunga Bay Campsite (Boat Only)

Wharfedale Hut

Whariwharangi Bay Campsite (Walk or Boat)

Whariwharangi Hut

Whatamango Bay Campsite

Whataroa Gorge Freedom Camping

Wheel Creek Hut

Whisky Creek Car Park

Whisky Gully Domain (SC Only)

White Horse Hill Campsite

Whitecliffs Domain

Whitehouse Hotel

Whites Bay Campsite

Whites Road Reserve

Whymper Hut

Wildlife Reserve Camp

Wildman Hut

Wilkinson Hut

Williams Quay Freedom Camping (SC Only)

Wills Hut

Winblue Farm

Winchester Bridge Reserve

Windy Point Car Park (Hope Kiwi Track)

Wingatui Racecourse Overnight Campground

Winton Freedom Camping

Wire Yards Hut

Woodbourne Tavern

Woodbury Domain

Wooded Gully (Mt Thomas) Campsite

Woodhaugh NZMCA Park (Members Only)

Woodstock Domain

Woolshed Creek Car Park

Woolshed Creek Hut

Worsley Bivvy

Worsley Hut (Boat Access)

Wyndham Freedom Camping

Wynen Street Car Park (SC Only 6pm - 9am)

Yankee River Hut

Yeats Ridge Hut

YMCA Wainui Park

Young Forks Campsite

Young Hut

Youngman Stream Hut


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